Health Starts with the Best Quality Essential Oils

Aromatherapy first and foremost is the use of essential oils in your daily care and surroundings in an amazing variety of ways. All essential oils have different healing, rejuvenating, antioxidant and skin regenerating properties. These properties and ways to use the essential oils are described in more detail throughout our web site. If you're just getting started, have a look at the article "First 10 Essential Oils in your Natural Health Kit".

So Many Ways to use Essential Oils

Essential OilsThere are many ways of surrounding yourself with the uplifting or relaxing fragrances of the essential oils. Try adding a few drops of an essential oil like lavender to household items like pillows, mist sprays, padded coat hangers, potpourri, or baths, to name just a few.

To disperse the wonderful essences into the air around you an essential oil diffuser or vaporizers works great. As an example, in Japan, workers exposed to jasmine, lavender and lemon essential oil fragrances seemed happier and made fewer keyboard errors.

Or use essential oils to scent and increase the natural health benefit of a variety of fragrant objects, such as aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy soaps, or massage oils, all aromatherapy products which you can make yourself, or purchase from a reputable wholesale or retail store.

Aside from just smelling good, essential oils provide effective first aid treatment and are tremendous aids in many medical treatments. In Australia, tea tree oil is used extensively for these reasons.

Try Essential Oil Blends

You can experiment with your own blends of essential oils to create luxurious body oils, lotions and hair treatments. The best way to learn which essential oils to use, and to blend, is to research and practice. Research a few oils first to learn about each oil's medicinal use, beauty benefit and emotional effect. Then try using the essential oils on their own, and in blends.

The most important thing to remember if you are creating your own blends, or adding your favorite essential oils to your skin care products is to always use pure, natural essential oils. Synthetic essential oils, unlike natural essential oils, will not provide any health benefits. And always follow the basic safety guidelines when using aromatherapy oils individually or in blends.

The caution about natural versus synthetic oils applies to health and beauty aromatherapy products you buy that may already contain one or more essential oils.

If you want to experience wonderful, natural healing, beauty, and well-being benefits, then look to essential oils as the ingredient to surround yourself with in life.

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