How to Make Your Own Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Once you discover Aromatherapy and its many benefits, it stands to reason that you may decide to try your hand at making your own essential oils. You can make your own essential oil for home use, but it isn't recommended to try to make your own essential oil on a large scale or for commercial purposes.

When companies make their own essential oils for retail purposes, they need to purchase heavy distillation and extraction machines. This also involves licensing and government approval and inspection to ensure that safety standards are being met.

However, if you would like to make your own "kitchen" essential oils for your personal use, you may discover that the process is simple and very inexpensive.

Aromatherapy and herbsHerbs and Olive Oil: How to Make Your Own Essential Oil

You can make your own essential oil by infusing fresh herbs in Olive oil. To do this, take 1/4 cup of fresh herbs to 1 C. of Olive oil. Cook the fresh herbs and Olive oil together. You can use a crock-pot and cook on low between 3 1/2 - 8 hours. You can also heat them in your oven. Set your oven to a very low setting of 150 degrees; heat together for at least two hours.

After you have successfully heated the oil and herbs, you will need to strain the oil. Using clean and sterilized Mason jars, strain the oil with cheesecloth and store in jars.

It is important to keep the oil out of sunlight for one month before the oil is cured and ready. Typically, your oil will last for up to six months, however, if you notice a pungent odor or discoloration, discard the oil and make a fresh batch.

How to Make Your Own Essential Oil: Benefits

When you make your own essential oil you will receive Aromatherapy benefits. Every herb has its own healing and therapeutic properties, and your homemade infusions will carry those same properties.

By using an herbal dictionary, you can pick and choose the herbs that you will use to make your own essential oil by the healing benefits you would like to obtain.