Use Essential Oils to Assist Hair Growth

Aromatherapy offers many benefits when it comes to luxurious hair. For those who are loosing hair or have noticed that their hair has lacked the sheen and luster that it once had, an essential oil for hair growth may be the remedy that you need.

Essential oils are the volatile oils of plants, and they carry the same benefits that are inherent to the plant. Using essential oils for hair growth can help stimulate the hair roots and promote hair growth without chemicals or drugs.

The Best Essential Oil for Hair Growth

The number one question may be which is the best essential oil for hair growth. The answer is simple there are a few. Some of the most popular essential oils for hair growth include Thyme, Rosewood, Lavender, Basil, Peppermint and Cedarwood. By using these essential oils you can promote hair growth and a healthy scalp.

You can make wonderful hair oil that may be massaged into the scalp by adding 4-10 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil. Some good choices of carrier oil include Jojoba, Sweet Almond oil, and Olive Oil.

Heat the hair oil by placing the bottle of oil in a bowl of hot water. Apply the oil to the scalp and massage through the rest of the hair.

Essential oil for hair growthEssential Oil for Hair Growth and Massage

Scalp massage should be combined with your essential oil for hair growth. Using essential oils such as Peppermint combined with scalp massage will help stimulate the hair follicles and therefore promote hair growth.

You can also blend oils to use for your scalp treatment and massage. By using natural herbs and botanicals that promote hair growth, you may soon see that your hair becomes thicker, more luxurious, and radiant.