Tap into the Power of an Aromatherapy Blend

Aromatherapy Blend: Synergies

A Synergy is an Aromatherapy blend of more than one essential oil that provides greater healing and therapeutic benefits then each of the oils by themselves. Synergies are a wonderful way to get full healing benefits from your Aromatherapy treatments.

This type of an aromatherapy blend may be beneficial for certain conditions such as stress, anger, or grief, as well as for healing purposes such as colds, flus, or boosting the immune system.

A Relaxing Aromatherapy Blend

A popular Aromatherapy blend is one that is used for deep relaxation. It combines the essential oils Chamomile and Clary Sage. These two oils are known for their sedative properties and are twice as powerful when combined than they would be if used separately.

Combining Lavender, Sandalwood, and Geranium creates another popular aromatherapy blend. This one is good for relaxing the mind and renewing the emotions.

Waking Up with an Aromatherapy Blend

Just as you can use an Aromatherapy blend for relaxation, they are also powerful for waking up the mind and clearing the senses. A great blend for refreshing the mind is made by combining Peppermint and Lemon oil.

You can add the Aromatherapy blend to a diffuser and let the aroma release its rejuvenating power into the atmosphere.

By using an aromatherapy blend you get at least double the benefits of each essential oil.