Three Aromatherapy Benefits: Health, Relaxation, and Beauty

Your Health & Aromatherapy

There are three major benefits of Aromatherapy. The first Aromatherapy benefit is your health. Aromatherapy is the science of using the volatile essential oils of plants for their healing and therapeutic value. This major Aromatherapy benefit is not new, but is the basis for the medicinal practices of the ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, Romans, and Greeks.

Many essential oils have antiseptic properties and were the earliest forms of wound cleansers, sterilizers, and purifiers. From citrus oils to Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, Aromatherapy has been healing people for thousands of years.

Aromatherapy Benefit: Relaxation

Another Aromatherapy benefit is relaxation. Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to reduce stress and promote relaxation in your life. Whether it is filling a room with the fragrance of roses and lavender with a diffuser, or soaking in an aromatic bath with the spicy scent of Patchouli or Frankincense, or relaxing under a soothing and comforting deep massage with Sweet Almond oil, Aromatherapy is practiced at the art of relaxation.

Research has shown that stress, anxiety, and fear have detrimental effects upon the human mind, body, and emotions. Aromatherapy offers a wonderful alternative, relaxation.

Aromatherapy Benefit: Beauty

The final Aromatherapy benefit is beauty. For thousands of years, before there was Cover Girl, Almay, or Max Factor, there was Aromatherapy. The ancient beauty practices, perfumery, and earliest cosmetics were all formulated from plants, roots, herbs, berries, and essential oils. Today is no different.

The most effective beauty products and treatments are still formulated from plants, herbs, and essential oils. In fact, it is amazing that science is just now confirming the healing and restoring properties of many plants when the ancients were using these treatments thousands of years ago. There are many amazing Aromatherapy benefits, and they are all readily available for you to use today.