Aromatherapy Supplies for Creating and Storing Essential Oils and Blends

If you want to use essential oils individually or as a blend, you'll need aromatherapy supplies for creating and storing the essential oil blends, and diffusers to disperse the oils for maximum aromatherapy benefit.

Your first consideration is the oils themselves. Always purchase pure, natural essential oils from a reputable health store. Whether you walk into the health store, or take advantage of the convenience of shopping online for wholesale essential oils, ensure you are getting the real thing, not a synthetic blend.

Basic Aromatherapy Supplies for anyone
using Essential Oils

Once you have your essential oils, some of the basics for the products you create include:

  • essential oil bottles: When you've created an essential oil blend such as a massage oil, or a synergistic blend of oils, you'll want to store your end product in the proper aromatherapy bottle. Always use a colored, glass bottle. The colored glass prevents the blend from deteriorating quickly, and plastic and essential oils don't mix well.

    Essential Oil Dropper Bottles

  • jars or pots: to hold body scrubs, bath salts, lip balms, etc. that you create for your own use, or to give as gifts.

  • eyedroppers: a necessity to blend your own synergies, or add the correct number of drops to a bath or massage blend.

  • pipettes: useful for measuring exact essential oil drops in your synergistic or product blend.

You'll also want a way to diffuse the oil essence into the air around you. For that you'll need supplies like an oil diffuser or aromatherapy oil burner.

Check out some good wholesale essential oil online stores for the above listed quality aromatherapy supplies, oil diffusers and aromatherapy oil burners. And if you already have the basic essential oil supplies, you'll find some fun items like aromatherapy jewelry to take the benefits of aromatherapy with you, wherever you are.

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