Are all Aromatherapy Products Created Equal?

Do all aromatherapy products provide aromatherapy therapeutic benefits?

Aromatherapy products that contain essential oils can be used for your personal care -- shampoos, body lotions, oils and sprays, perfumes, bath blends and salts, soaps, and sport liniments. For an aromatic environment, you can use aromatherapy candles, mists, oil diffusers and air fresheners.

Aromatherapy Face Mud You'll find these products in just about every store you go to that proclaim to have aromatherapy therapeutic benefits. Are they authentic? Much of what is being sold as aromatherapy, such as aromatherapy candles or aromatherapy bath products, doesn't contain essential oils, is adulterated or diluted, or isn't natural. These products probably contain synthetic fragrances instead of essential oils.

For the maximum natural health benefit when you are purchasing aromatherapy products, you need to be look at all of the ingredients and check for purity. If there are any chemicals that you don't recognize, don't buy the product.

aromatherapy bath saltsBetter yet, why not make your own essential oil products like aromatherapy candles, natural soap, massage oils and aromatherapy bath products at a fraction of the cost. Then you know what natural ingredients are going into your aromatherapy product, and best of all, you can customize the oils to create your own unique scents and products that match your personality, or the personality of the person who would love to receive these delightful, aromatic gifts.

Check out these resources for authentic aromatherapy products, or for whole essential oil and natural ingredients to make your own candles, natural soaps, massage oils, aromatherapy bath products, and much more.

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