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My name is Laura, and as the author and designer of Aromatherapy-for-you, I was motivated to build a site dedicated to finding more information on essential oils and aromatherapy, especially as they related to personal use in natural skin care and natural health and well-being. As much as possible, I follow a holistic approach to my own care, that of my family, and our home's care.

When I first discovered essential oils, I had a difficult time knowing how to get started using them, or even knowing what was important with aromatherapy care and products.

I started my research, and from personal experience I visited many natural health stores, read several books, and experimented with products, oils and techniques. I also checked online and to my dismay found that this was very time consuming, and in most cases non-productive due to all the different suggestions provided online. And most of the websites I visited were just trying to sell me something, not provide the information I needed to make decisions.

Goals for the Web Site

My goal for is to provide my guests with a place to visit to find quality information, tips, and articles related to aromatherapy and essential oils, in one convenient location. Information such as how to use essential oils, what to look for in natural aromatherapy products, natural skin care with aromatherapy oils, aromatherapy supplies and related health and wellness topics. As I am not the expert, I will be working with a team of experts who will share their expertise too.

Together, as we learn more and find new tips and ideas on aromatherapy, we will be sharing them with you on this site. Our main purpose is to help others spend less time searching the Internet and provide you, the visitor, with a place to find what you are looking for when you think "aromatherapy".

Talk to Us

All the information on is simply our opinion and your experiences might be different. Please feel free to email us at We would truly appreciate your personal feedback. Also, please let me know how I can improve this site, and make it more useful for you and others. If you would like to share your aromatherapy experiences, I encourage you to contribute to this site.

Thank you for reading our "About Us" page. My team and I want to make this site a comfortable place to visit. We look forward to your return visit to read about new tips and articles for your aromatherapy and natural health needs!